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Our SEL Foundations Curriculum is a powerful program that brings 8 different Olympic and Paralympic athlete mentors together to teach critical social and emotional learning skills.

Christian Taylor is a two-time Olympic gold medalist in the triple jump. He knows that without setting smart goals, he would have never been able to achieve what he did. 

We’re excited to give you a back-to-school hub for your students to start the year on the right foot by setting goals to dream big.

This hub is only a small part of the Goal Setting unit within our SEL Foundations Curriculum, but you start your 60 day free trial today!

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Whether you’re in the classroom, distance learning, or teaching virtually, we’ve got a suite of free resources to help facilitate engaging activities with students! Just click on the image to get access.

Emotions Wheel

This activity will help your students find their center and design strategies to manage their various emotions whenever they need.



Nothing says Community better than written postcard. This activity will help your kids stay in touch with family and friends.


Mindfulness Practice

This professional growth session will provide you with a series of mindfulness exercises to practice each day.


Punctuation Resource

This letter from our very own CEO Steve Mesler is full of punctuation and grammatical errors. Have your students correct all the mistakes.


Mindful Minute

Olympic hopeful Tiffeny Parker talks about bravery and courage in this short video. Use it with your kids as a conversation starter.


Sports Quiz

Exercise your kids' brains by downloading this sports quiz sheet and getting them to solve these fun-fact-filled problems.


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