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At Classroom Champions, we believe all teachers deserve resources to help their kids understand critical social and emotional learning skills. 

Our Mindful Minute videos are 60-second inspirational messages and lessons from world-class athletes across sport. The topics range from the importance of sleep to managing stress and anxiety.

For every classroom moment, there’s an SEL lesson and Mindful Minute to support your teaching. Your classroom can have a weekly Champion.

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In the meantime here’s a Champion Check-In to get you started!


Watch this video from Olympic speed skater, Gilmore Junio about attitude.


Download this discussion sheet so your students can respond to the video prompts.


Gilmore Junio wants to check in with your students and get them thinking about their attitude this year! Watch the video together.


Discuss these prompts as a classroom.

Before viewing the video, ask students to predict what they think Gilmore Junio will be sharing.
ASK: What do you think Gilmore is going to say about the topic of “attitude”?

Rewatch the video and see what resonates with students the most.
ASK: What was your #1 takeaway from Gilmore’s advice?

Prompt students to make a personal connection to Gilmore’s video.
ASK: When was a time that maybe things weren’t going the way you had hoped, and you had to adjust your attitude?

Encourage students to think beyond today and to consider how they can empower themselves to look forward.
ASK: What can you say to yourself during those times when you need to adjust your attitude?

Wrap up the week by inviting students to script their own Mindful Minute videos. Consider recording their advice and sharing within your classroom community.
ASK: What would your Mindful Minute message be about the topic of attitude?


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